Living in a ‘Developing’ Country

I’m going to dive in. I’m not happy at all. But why?

I’m 20, and I want to have fun, I want to wear what I want and wear without thinking. I want to think of positive things after graduation. I want to connect to the world. I want to learn the latest news quickly and true. I want to use public transportation without having a panic attack. I want to go out anytime I want without fear of molestation and abuse. I want to trust the police will protect me if something happens to me or someone hurts me or my family and friends. I want to travel to learn about other cultures. I want people to respect me as a human being, as a woman, as a student. I want people to respect my ideas. I want people to respect conflicting views. I want people to respect animals. I want people to respect the environment. I want people to understand it’s almost 2020.
Technology and science evolved as fuck. People should notice that, and as a student in practically 2020, I shouldn’t be thinking these simple subjects.

I’m a woman. I can’t wear what I want freely. People here judge you with their eyes without eye contact. It’s like a telepathic connection in a judgy way. People are unnecessarily involved with you and how you look.

As a student, I can’t think about my future. Big companies won’t see me because of my country. They even don’t accept my degree when I graduate.

Domestic companies. I don’t trust local companies at all. They usually hire their relatives or family members for higher positions.

The economy is fucked up, and taxes are flying high. Collage graduates can’t find jobs. Inflation rates are high, really high.
1 TL = 0.18 USD
1 TL = 0.16 EUR

Inflation rates are high, really high. People are suffering, especially in the Anatolia and the eastern parts of Turkey. East part is in a war for 35 – 40 years with terrorists.

Terrorists were exploding live bombs in significant squares in Turkey 3 years ago. Istanbul, Ankara. They killed thousands of people.

There is a Climate change. It’s alarming. We should stop this violence, killing and pay attention to what matters.

Seyfe Lake, Kirsehir